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The development of a good IT Strategy relies on experience and can not be undertaken otherwise, irrespective of chosen methodology. OWL Consultancy is able to bring together detailed knowledge of best practice within IT, and from the perspective of both the public and private sectors.

OWL’s approach is to set the context of IT into the overall enterprise business strategy. Consider a three-phased approach:
  • Future business requirements – identifying priority areas in which the business strategy depends. The use of business information and the impact of technology are linked back on to the business strategy at this, the most critical phase.
  • Map business requirements on to applications and determine possible technology strategies, whilst making sure to do a full assessment of current systems’ capability – it is often too easy to abandon the current system without fully appreciating how critical some may be to the smooth running of the business going forward.
  • Appraise the organisational and business impact in terms of cost and benefit in order to determine the most appropriate strategy. This forms the basis of the business case which sets out the plan, costs and benefits to enable the client to take ownership of the final strategy implementation.

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